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Brand Development:

We provide graphics packages including store names, logo designing and positioning, interior color scheme selection, signage designing, employee dress and customer communication management.  

We also develop personalized annual promotion program to better promote your store’s brand promise, personality and communicate its unique appeal to your customers.

Twenty Years of Quality Branding Experience

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With more than twenty years of experience working with clients who enjoy increased sales, Growing Places Marketing in Atlanta, GA is your one-stop destination when it comes to creating a unique brand for your garden center.

We offer a two part service model that encompasses all aspects of A) Evaluation and Recommendations and B) Renovation and Brand Development requirements of your nursery or farm market.

Phase 1:

On-Site New Build/ Renovation and Brand Development  

Two Day On-Site Evaluation Includes:

  • Decision Maker Audit
  • Renovation Photo Audit or Branding Audit
  • Market Audit
  • New Build and Construction Audit
  • Product Audit
  • Store Branding Audit

We also offer follow up written reports and conduct planning sessions to recommend the option that best suits
your needs.

Phase 2:

One Year Implementation Contract Includes:

  • Create GreenPrint™
  • Customer Comfort Elements
  • Customer Flow Plan
  • Evaluate Existing Plans
  • Fixturing Plan
  • Renovation
  • Structure Renovation Plan

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